Lab Oven Recycling

Are you are looking to replace or recycle your existing laboratory oven or incubator ?

recycle lab oven 2

lab oven recycle

Your company is now obliged to adhere to 2007 disposal regulations, set out by (WEEE), ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’. These regulations place new responsibilities upon hospitals, government agencies, businesses, and schools etc, as well as cost.

Recycling your waste through WEEE can cost you up to £800 per tonne. We at Jim Engineering can offer you a cost effective and no hassle solution, in fact safe removal of your used equipment won’t cost you anything because when you replace it with us – we can take the strain out of you having to arrange regulating disposal methods, by taking away your old appliances and relieve you of the responsibility of ensuring that they have been appropriately and legally processed.

We can sometimes make good use of your old lab equipment,  by sending it to third world countries free of charge. .

We will also offer you a discount on the purchase of your new laboratory equipment.. saving you even more money…