Drying Ovens – Pharmaceutical & Laboratory

Drying ovens are used to both dry and remove moisture from products; hence they are also generally referred to as moisture extraction ovens. They are mainly used in research and production environments where rapid drying and the removal of excessive moisture are required, such as pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

A key feature of a drying oven is a variable and controlled temperature which is necessary for evaporation from water-based coatings, and determining moisture in feedstuffs. Rapid drying is more effective by forced convection where fans circulate the air around the oven.

Typical Product Testing Applications:

  • Wooden Products or Pulp
  • Propylene Fibre
  • Plastic products
  • Granule Feed
  • Dehydrated Vegetable matter
  • Organic pigment
  • Aging/solidifying electronic components
  • Medical Materials

Drying Ovens from Jim Engineering….. Standard Specifications: Interior: Stainless steel or coated steel. Chrome plated steel wire shelves. Forced air extraction unit. Silicone seals within the door and chamber. Exterior: Sheet steel finished in easy clean stove powder paint. Temperature Range – 40c to 250c. Safety Thermostat. Incoloy sheathed heating element – hydraulic or digital temperature controller. 11 models from 50 – 350 litres, or larger models can be ordered if required.