Custom Built Laboratory Ovens & Incubators

Through supply and demand – Jim Engineering is proud to offer custom built laboratory ovens and incubators to meet customer requirements. Our bespoke service initially developed from requested modifications of our standard models, then emerged into fully custom built designs offering tailored and engineered solutions for unique applications and desired specifications.

With experience spanning over 4 decades –we are highly knowledgeable in our field, enjoy working on a new project, and obtain a great sense of personal achievement from our satisfied customers.  And not only are we dedicated to meeting company requirements, but our prices are lower than average – offering you a cost-effective solution and giving you the best of both worlds.

Some of our Bespoke Customer Requests Include:

Adjustments to our standard models, such as adding:

  • Extra Insulation.
  • Heavy Duty Fittings.
  • Door Locks.
  • Fitting Chart Recorders
  • Special Programmers
  • Internally Spark Free
  • Special Shelving
  • Pass Through
  • Vacuum Line and Gas connections

Or: Complete remodelling and engineering, include:

  • Manufacturing to a required set of specifications.
  • Space solution models, i.e. such as bench-top and stackable.
  • Models built to meet certain applications such as NDT and aerospace ASM2750E NADCAP
  • Tunnel Ovens with rollers or conveyors.

We can further develop on existing applications to meet your requirements if necessary as well as work on a completely unique process.  All our models are built to a high quality standard and can accommodate all environments. Below is an example of one of our special ovens built to customer requirements.

Industrial Laboratory Ovenn HDH Jay

Custom Built Industrial Laboratory Oven.