Building On Success 2014.





Supplied to a major UK Distributor

Recently we supplied a major UK distributor with medical warming cabinets for use in hospital operating theatres. They have equipped new hospital building projects in Stoke and London with single chamber models on mobile stands.


Chips with Everything!

Manufacturers of chip board & MDF uses ample amounts of wood pulp but this usually has a very high water content. Not being in the business of buying water! …. they use ovens for removing the moisture so that they can calculate how much to pay for the pulp content required.


Cured at Last!

A frequent use of our ovens is curing polymers used in ‘potting’ electronic components. We recently delivered a 225 litre oven to a company that is manufacturing explosion proof detectors for the gas and oil industries. Do you have an application like these or have an idea for a new product? We will be pleased to hear from you.


New range of Laboratory ovens

Our standard laboratory incubators & ovens have their control housing at either the top or bottom of the cabinet. This minimises the use of laboratory bench space. There are occasions where this can be inconvenient as the cabinet can be too tall for some labs. The new horizontal style ovens are wider and shorter to allow two units to be stacked together without getting too tall. As well as our standard ranges of incubators and ovens we can manufacture to your needs.


New Compact Stacking Incubator.
New Compact Stacking Incubator.


Special oven for curing resins


A recent enquiry from a UK company resulted in an order for a custom built large oven specially designed for curing resin materials. For use in their pilot plant, the oven is over 2m wide and a key stage in scaling-up in the research and development of new products.


Heavy Duty Special Build Oven.
Heavy Duty Special Build Oven.