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Warming Ovens for Plastics Sheets

This range of ovens is designed for warming or softening thermoplastic sheets that are then used for vacuum forming or similar processes.


* Temperature range: 40°C to 250°C

* Repeatable run conditions

* 3 year warranty

* Standard and bespoke sizes

The range includes bench top and floor standing models as well as bespoke designed ovens like the one shown here on its own stand. If required a fume extract unit can be fitted.

plastic sheet warming oven

These ovens are manufactured with a powder coated exterior and either aluminium coated steel or stainless steel interior.

Heavy duty shelves are supplied.

The control system uses a PID digital dual display controller that shows both set and measured chamber temperatures. An over temperature safety cut out is also fitted. A timer can be fitted as well as visual and audible notification of the end of the warming period. Programmable microprocessor controllers can also be fitted.

To eliminate the possibility of hot or cold spots the forced air circulation is vertical in the chamber (not cross flow).

Laboratory Oven – for General Purpose Use

General Purpose Laboratory Ovens

For general use such as heating and drying.

Hot Box Incubator


Range – Specifications:

  • Capacities from 10-355 Litres
  • Temperature range from  – Ambient +40°C -250°C
  • Fluctuation typically+/-0.75°C
  • Aluminium clad steel chamber
  • Calibrated dial thermostat
  • Independent overheat safety
  • CE compliant.

Optional Extras Include

  • Digital dual display controller
  • Inner glass doors
  • Fan circulation
  • Calibration certificate
  • Fume extraction module



HDV-OV-350 Laboratory Oven

Heavy Duty – Standard or Custom Built to Customer Specifications


Robust and very adaptable workhorse ovens are available to work at up to 250°C or 300°C.  They can be supplied with either a coated steel or stainless steel chamber and adjustable shelves and a digital PID controller as standard.


Custom Built Heavy Duty Ovens. Manufactured to customer requirements.
Custom Built HDV Heavy Duty Ovens. Manufactured to customer requirements.


Some applications such as curing rubber compounds can release unpleasant vapours. In such circumstances we would recommend to fit a variable rate extraction unit (as depicted in the photo above)

HDV style ovens have one door with HDH models having two doors as shown below.



HDH Oven.225 Litres.

As standard the outer chamber is finished in grey powder paint with a blue control panel but the colour scheme can be either one or a combination of colours.

HDV models are available in capacities up to 1000 litres or more, and can be supplied internally ‘spark free’, and ordered with different types of shelving to suit various applications and include rollers for heavier products.




Bench Top Laboratory Incubator


GP-INC-10 Box Incubator

 Small 10 litre capacity for general purpose use. Ideal for work and bench tops in small laboratories or where space is limited. Optional glass door for easy viewing.




Model GP-INC-10-SS

10 litre incubator shown above with stainless steel chamber, top vent/probe port, dial control and overheat safety. We can also manufacture in other sizes and to customer requirements. Also available with stainless steel exterior for use in clean rooms.


Model GP-OV-100

100 litres capacity incubator with dual display digital control and fan circulation. Independent overheat protection is fitted as standard. Stainless steel interior and programmable controllers are options.


Microbiology Incubators


Microbiological Incubators.

These are ideal for applications such as gene cloning and bacterial research. The environment is maintained for optimal temperature precision.   Temperature range is ambient +10°C to 100°C.

GP-INC Horizontal Style.
GP-INC Horizontal Style.

Range: Specifications:

  • Capacities from 10 to 355 Litres
  • Fluctuation trypically +/-0.25 °C
  • Easy clean powdered coated body
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Calibrated digital PID controller
  • Independent overheat thermostat
  • CE marked
  • 12 months parts and labour.

Optional Extras:

  • Inner glass door
  • Digital timer
  • Programmable control

General Purpose Laboratory Incubator

GP-INC.  Incubator
GP-INC. Incubator
GP- Inc Control Panel
GP- Inc Control Panel

Laboratory incubator manufactured for general purpose use.

Ideally built to suit a variety of laboratory applications such as drying, heating, and general use. A cost-effective and reliable incubator.


 Range – Specifications:

  • Capacities from 10-355 Litres
  • Temperature range from  – Ambient +10°C -100°C
  • Fluctuation typically+/-0.75°C
  • Aluminum clad steel chamber
  • Calibrated dial thermostat
  • Independent overheat safety
  • CE compliant

Optional Extras:

  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Fan circulation
  • Digital dual display controller +/-0.25°C
  • Inner glass doors
  • Programmable controllers
  • Top mounted controls

GP-INC Laboratory Incubators: ICON-Brochure